Has your GP prescribed you nature?

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Has your GP prescribed you nature?

How much time of each day do you spend indoors?

It's a proven fact that staying indoors is not healthy for your mental and physical wellbeing. As generations go by we've become more and more dependent on technology and the grid.

Therefore, forest schools and outdoor classrooms have become ever more popular. Groups such as The Nature Health Service aim to increase access and use of the natural environment to improve the mental and physical health of individuals and communities.

Social enterprise such as the Wild Rumpus takes families on a journey of imagination by hosting family-friendly festivals for their nature treatment. With the lack of four walls holding them back, the ambitions of the Wild Rumpus team have no limit. This year they are hosting three festival in the UK Just SoTimber and Hinterlands, while also having hosting international Just So festivals in Brazil and New Zealand. Check out their Ted talk below to find out more on their theory and enterprise.

Colours are the smile of nature and we have been blessed with its kingdom. Let's not take the present for granted and give a special thanks to the creative teams such as Wild Rumpus and The Nature Health Service.


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