Unearthed Festival Review


In a part of Pembrokeshire that is mostly known for caravan and camping holidays, it comes as a surprise to find sounds and culture from far and wide descending to this rural area.

It is of course Unearthed; A festival that feels like a tight family community, yet brings together the most distant of people, music, atmosphere and entertainment.

Spread across 2 stages, the festival showcases bands and DJ’s, from noon till the wee hours of the next day. The genres could not be more varied, with anything and everything on offer here. A crazy house party type vibe, you never really know what to expect.

The festival makes sure to include a selection of food vendors, well-stocked bars and constant entertainment throughout the day. Trust us when we say, this one keeps you on your toes.

The crowd reflects the rest of the festival; a total pic'n'mix! Families, groups of youths, elders, and outsiders. The thing they share most is the friendly atmosphere and mission to have a good time.

We had a wonderful time this year at Unearthed. Made amazing friends, treasured memories, and had plenty of fun. Unearthed, it was a pleasure, see you in 2020!